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Content creation is SO important for your biz, and I love finding and sharing easier ways to do it. After all, overwhelm doesn’t look good on anyone.


So last season, darling.

Let’s look at a really quick way to use Twitter for a post that gets shared, shall we?

For my next trick, we are going to crowdsource some opinions on Twitter and use them as a basis for a blog post.


What we are doing is using other people’s opinions on a subject to form the basis of a post – or, as I like to say, getting people to write a post for you.


1. Grab some tweets as your framework

You might want to ask a question on social media, or round up existing tweets on a subject.



2. Embed the tweets in a post and add your responses

Embed the tweets into a blog post (to do this, click here for info).

You can then jump in and add your glittering expertise around the tweets.


You might want to:

– offer a different perspective

– add to an point or expand upon in.

– show agreement and add extra resources or info that reflects your view point.

Add in an introduction and a closing point, and you have a new post.



3. Share it out, baby!

Ok, here is a clever twist.

Once your post is live, you can send the link via Twitter to people you have featured in the post and tag them using their @ user names.

Most people love to share something they have been involved with or quoted in (think about it, don’t you usually share an article if you appear in it?)


That’s right, you just got other people to help write your post, AND got them to share it for you!


Well done! You just rocked another way to create killer content that is so easy to do.

How did you find this exercise? Did it help you to spark some ideas?



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