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How To Swipe A Great Format For Your Content

Way back in 2007 when Facebook was a baby (and I had less wrinkles), I was writing for Daily Candy, among other lovely folks like Last Minute.com, Easyjet, London Le Cool and eBay. The great thing with Daily Candy was that the format was super short, punchy, and fun, with a new tip every single […]

The 10 x 10 Super Quick Content Ideas Hack

Getting the ball rolling with content ideas can feel really overwhelming sometimes. I know you guys feel the same. From the messages, emails and updates I get, I see the content paralysis kick in and it gets harder and harder to re-start the flow, despite our best intentions.   I have a really quick method […]

Great Content Idea Ignition Shortcuts

Stuck for ideas for great content? We have all been there. Despite your best efforts to find your flow, get into the zone and produce great content, some days it’s just not happening. Never fear, help is at hand.     Here are 5 ways to ignite your ideas, kickstart your storytelling, and get your killer […]