10 Super Smart Content Creation Hacks For Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs

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Running a small biz means two things can often be short at times – those old favourites time and money, (especially when you are in building mode and not yet at mega stardom status).

Content creation is an essential part of finding new clients, so if the idea of finding time to blog is a little…


…here are some handy hacks + tips to rock your online world, whilst keeping your budget (+ sanity!) in check.


1. Use Fancy Hands for research

Outsource some search for your a post to Fancy Hands, and you have immediate access to a whole army of virtual assistants to help you, usually within the hour.

Ask them to ping you a Google Doc of references + resources on a topic, then step in to draft a post around some quotes from what you have gathered.

Add your personal magic for authenticity and style, and you will find a job is much much easier.



2. Dictate to Evernote

Do you find it easier to flow when you are speaking? Have loads of ideas when you are out and about?

Boom, this is for you: dictate a blog post straight into the mobile app of Evernote and see your words transcribed immediately.

How amazing is that?

Sure, you will need to dip into the synced version of your app on your desktop and make some changes (like I am doing right now on this post), but you can get a blog post DOWN in less than 5 minutes.

Alternatively, you can dictate into your smart phone audio notes app directly,  save the file + send it to be transcribed over on Fiverr or Rev.com.


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3. Crowdsource a social discussion, baby!

Crowd source some opinions on Twitter and Facebook;  ask a question,  gauge the responses and embed those responses in the post (aka make your customers write your blogs for you. Muahahahaha).

Invite discussion by linking back to the original users when you pimp your posts, and they will also share with their peeps, a cunning plan to not only create a debate but also to reach more eyeballs. BAM!


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4. Use smart research + roll up some great material to share in a link post

Use our buddy IFTTT to flow some lovely content straight to your swipe files, or stalk your Twitter lists for awesome posts from your niche/sector.

Collate some key posts that you love and you know your audience will too;  use these posts in a bumper roundup information link pack post, and share via your social media.

(see a version of this right here).

Tag the original content creators when you share, and see your post go wide whilst giving your audience fab reading fodder.


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5. Client interviews

Interview a few lovely clients and invite them to talk about their experience with you on Skype. Record the calls (I use Call Recorder for Skype), and you then have some options; you could embed the calls as a YouTube video, upload the audio to Sound Cloud, or have them transcribed.


Take some quotes from the transcriptions for visual social media content, and use the rest for case study based posts or a podcast.

Making a post from testimonials gives you sales fodder, true connection and endorsements, credibility, and of course, content!



6. Speak Pipe Q&A

Install Speak Pipe and invite your audience to record their opinions and questions on a subject or topic. Send the audio for transcription on Fiverr  or Rev, and add your magic on the blog post to showcase your expertise in between the quotes.

Share it on social media and invite everybody who participated in the post for a bumper readership round up.

7. Guest post slots

Offer a guest post slots for super smart content creation; open up some slots for other biz content creators who would add value to your audience and who would also benefit from meeting your peeps online. Win win!


8. List.ly

Use List.ly  to create a list of resources + products your audience will love. Embed the list as a post and BOOM. You are done.

9. Slideshare hit + run research

Raid Slideshare for some topic ideas that your audience would love, such as relevant themes, topics or news + add your personal spin for the magic.

For extra points, make slides of your new post and re-upload to Slideshare to get some more blog link juice.  Niiiiiiice…..


10. News quotes + pundits

Grab a news article or post relevant to your niche as it flies around the web.

Quote the article, add  some embedded  tweets of reactions,  and add your magic in between the comments to showcase your authority, knowledge and superstardom.



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So there you have it! Some quick fire tips to make content creation far less likely to have you reaching for Xanax laced doughnuts in a blind panic.


Have you tried any of these tips? Share your posts in the comments below if you try some of the hacks out.


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