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Short on time to create content? 

Get started with this guide for small businesses on a mission to create content (without losing your mind, or keeping a therapist on retainer).

The Complete Beginners Guide

You can create content without needing an MBA, being tied to
your computer, or sounding like everyone else on the interwebs.

Content showcases your expertise, your authority, and brings in the sales.

Yet, almost half of the small business marketers surveyed by Content Marketing Institute don't have a content strategy in place.

Moreover, some small business avoid it altogether - not knowing where to start can paralyse an overwhelmed entrepreneur into inaction and a bad case of the procrastinations.

Content is the magnet that attracts your clients to your business.

The playing field of content creation can seem scary and overwhelming - after all, there seems to be a new piece of advice, new app, platform or "guru" every day.

So, how to get started, get noticed, and get those clients queuing up outside your front door, wallets in their hands, begging to buy from you?

You don’t need a team of 20, a Vaynerchuck strength caffeine habit, or be part of a secret society to create compelling content for your biz.

You need to know WHAT your audience needs to know and HOW to reach them effectively (in a way that sounds like you).

Let's start with some super simple content creation hacks that you can bookmark and refer to over and over again for great results.

Let's make it EASY.

Learn to create content they need, in a way that works for you.


The Complete Beginner's Guide to Content Creation Hacks.

From idea generation to killer headlines, formats, re-purposing and workflow, this guide has all you need to get going with your content creation and banish overwhelm for good.

Chapter 1:
Generate Killer Content Ideas EASILY.

Knowing what to say and how to say it removes a major part of the overwhelm obstacle.

You’ll learn how to find answers to questions your clients are already asking, how to generate ideas super quickly, and how to hack some ideas when your grey matter is failing you (hey, it happens to us all...)

content creation hacks


“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” David Ogilvy

Chapter 3:

Create Killer Headlines

Spending time to get a killer headline right will increase the "eyeballs on your stuff" rates, open rates and love-fest quotient in no time at all.

Feel overwhelmed when it comes to headlines?

These hacks have your back:


“While crafting your best headline, remember that it is the first, and sometimes the only impression you can make on your potential reader.” CMI

Chapter 4:

Choose The Perfect Format For Your Post

It’s now time to start creating your content. This chapter gives you some format ideas and formats to get started and get your message out to the world!


Chapter 6:

How To Collate + Curate Killer Posts

So, the good news is we have some amazing hacks to create content.
Even better? We don't need to create new content all the time - HURRAH!
You can collate + curate - here's how.


Chapter 7:

Embrace User Generated Content


The great thing about easy content is that your audience can actually HELP you create it! User generate content is big news, and this chapter will get you started.

Web content increasingly is dominated by user-generated content as Pinterest pin creation is up 75%, Twitch video broadcasts are up 83%, Wattpad stories are up 140%, and Airbnb reviews are up 140% year-over-year.
Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (via DM News)

Once you have created some content, the best part is that you can make it work harder for you by re-purposing it - and there are SO many ways to save you time and resources!


Chapter 8:

Re-Purpose + Re-Work It

Chapter 9:

Make The Workflow Easy

Improved productivity means less human sweat, not more. Henry Ford


Content creation can be way easier than you think (no more tearing your hair out!). With a few clever workflow tweaks your process will be not only powerful, but EASY. 

The Killer Content Kickstart 

is a 5 day challenge to ramp up your visibility, build your content reserves and get seen (in waaay less time than you ever dreamed possible).

5 Day Killer Content Kickstart Challenge

Let's create killer content for your pocket-sized business 

Create killer content with ease.

It's time to lose the overwhelm.


Jo Gifford is a recovering overwhelmed entrepreneur with an addiction to making things easier.

Champion of working smarter and creator of the Brilliance Ignition Process and the Killer Content Academy, she has a loyal global audience and a stellar client list of biz owners making big sales and a big difference.

A widely read contributor to Huffington Post, Selz, Regus, Prowess, YFS Magazine and many more interwebz rabbit holes, she is a respected UK voice on life as a pocket-sized enterprise owner.

Jo’s background – a seasoned blogger, copywriter, podcaster and graphic designer with an MA and research interest in creative thinking for small business – makes for an eclectic and colourful killer content approach.