Creating content? Try answering questions (and how not to be a zombie)

creating content

Content overwhelm is just like those vacant-eyed, zombie-style fridge visits.

You know the ones; you find yourself staring at the fridge for the fifth time in an hour, scanning the shelves and sauntering off, only to return 10 minutes later.


And repeat.


Without knowing what you are going to eat, or having stuff on stand by, it’s a mud chute journey into carbs-land, stopping at sugar- fest on the way.


Preparation is key, with food and content alike.


The Content Zombie

So, I bet  you have a load of half finished, half-arsed blog posts sitting in your drafts too – am I right?


It’s ok!


Being a content zombie is common – we just need to breathe some life back into you and give you some tools to stop the vacant stare.


So often, the biggest battle with creating content is getting started.


Part of my mission is to remove the overwhelm and help you to realise that once you know what you can share – be it on a blog post, Periscope, visual content, audio or other – you are in like Flynn.


The good news is:

Your audience are already telling you what they need. Click To Tweet



The trick is to know WHERE they are asking it, and to use it to your advantage.


Some questions I have found recently, and where I found them:


” Do guest posts really work? I heard they don’t.” // via a Facebook group

This is a GREAT one for me to answer, as it speaks directly to content creation, and I have lots of tips and experience on it.
This question arose in a private Facebook community for entrepreneurs. I added a short reply to the subject, but also noted it down in Evernote in my growing list of ideas.

Tip: screen grab comments using Jing, and file them for later in Google Docs or Evernote.


“Is Instagram still important?” // via a Periscope broadcast

This question popped up in quick 5 minute broadcast I did, opening up a Q&A session. Periscope and live video is SUCH a great way to get real time, dynamic feedback on what people need – pretty much your focus group on tap.

It allowed me to jam on why visual content is important, and also sparked an idea for new content.


Other places to find out what your audience are ALREADY asking (so you can swoop in and answer, adding immense value and showcasing your awesome):


Amazon Reviews
These are great to gauge what people need to know. Search for a book in your niche, and look for reviews that cover what that person was stuck with when they came to buy the book, and maybe what the book was lacking.

For example, a quick search for a book on content creation gave me these reviews – I have highlighted the areas that tell me what people want to know. It took me around 2 minutes to find this information, which SO useful for making sure I hit the mark with adding value to pocket sized businesses.

creating content

Comment sections

Other people’s websites and blogs are jammed full of questions that you can answer.  Have a blog comment stalk of influencers in your niche, and see for yourself.


Let me know in the comments if you tried these, and where you found your goldmine of information.


Start building your swipe file of ideas  before your fridge takes revenge…


fridge zombie

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