“How Do I Get Found Online?” – Dispelling Some Myths On Content Creation

For businesses both on and offline, a strong digital presence presence is key to maximising visibility, authority, and sales.

Yet, many small business owners and entrepreneurs are locked in an overwhelm cycle, and shy away from sharing their message at all.


how do i get found online

I want to de-code some of the advice that’s out there currently for creating content, and why I think there is a lot of overwhelm around it.


– You don’t need an MBA, or be part of a secret society to create compelling content for your biz.
You need to know WHAT your audience needs to know and HOW to reach them effectively (in a way that sounds like you).



Shouting loudly – without a strategy, without intention, without integrity or authority – doesn’t build long term influence, brand loyalty, or any long term growth.

You may well have had a 6 figure launch before your brioche, and kudos to you – BUT, you need to be able to connect with your audience and to be a source that they know, like and trust in a way that’s relatable (not superhuman, sleazy or nauseating).


– You don’t need to hire an Airbnb pad, a squad of stylists and a film crew before people listen to you.


Share what you know in a way that your clients need to hear it, and they will be waiting for more. Sure, you can upgrade your tech and your team as you go (and by all means a style squad is on my list),


– You don’t need to understand every platform and the science of every algorithm to have success.

Starting from where you are, with a message you are confident in, has immense power.

The rest can be learned, built upon, or outsourced as you grow.


– You don’t need a subscription to 2067 different keyword apps to get found online.

SEO is powerful, no doubt about it. But don’t let the fear of perfection prevent you from starting.

The worst thing you can do for your online business content is stay paralysed in procrastination.


Here’s what you CAN do, right now, instead:

Start from where you are.

Find your feet with a workflow that works for you.

Get super confident in what you are conveying as a message, and build from there.


Join me in a 5 day killer content kickstart to take just 10 minutes a day and see big results in creating content for your biz.




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