How To Swipe A Great Format For Your Content

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Way back in 2007 when Facebook was a baby (and I had less wrinkles), I was writing for Daily Candy, among other lovely folks like Last, Easyjet, London Le Cool and eBay.

The great thing with Daily Candy was that the format was super short, punchy, and fun, with a new tip every single day.

Something really cool and interesting hit the inboxes of subscribers every day, and they came to expect it, look out for it, and try out the new suggestions.

The (now massively famous) lovely Mastin Kipp used the model as a starting point for his site The Daily Love, which is now at global take-over status.


You don’t need to re-invent the wheel.


Using a pastiche as a kick of point for a post or format can be a great way to test out ways of creating content.

Direct copying is a no-no, of course.
Plagiarism is, too.

But you could “do a Mastin” and try out a format swiped from someone else.

Work out what resonates with you as the content creator, and what hits a home goal with your audience.

Tell me what ideas came up for you from this.
You can also tell me how wrinkle free I am. I won’t mind.





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