How To Overcome Mindset Blocks To Create Killer Content

Do you feel frozen with procrastination, fearful, drained or stuck when it comes to content creation for your business?

You are not alone, I hear this ALL the time, so no shame here!


I recorded a video on changing your mindset around content creation to get you going.



Killer Content Academy Video Transcript:
How To Overcome Mindset Blocks To Create Killer Content



Hi! It’s Jo Gifford here from and I wanted to do a quick video on mindset around content creation because it is something I hear all the time.

When people sign up for my free tips and my free hacks, and tips on content creation I always ask them,”Guys what is it that you’re struggling with?”; and so often the emails come back saying:


I just feel frozen, I feel like I just can’t get around to do my content creation for my business, I feel drained when I come to sit down and do it.


I hear it over and over again.

If that is you, you are not alone, first of all, so no shame around this. It’s totally fine, it’s normal.

There’s a few things that I have to say around that.


Knowing what to say gives you confidence

Number 1 is knowing what to say, how to say it, what your customers are already asking for, and really standing confidently with a whole raft of ideas will really help to stop that sort of procrastination, that barrier that you have.

I have on my site for free, my quick 10 x 10 creation hacks for super quick idea generation for content and I will leave the ink in the post below.

A move on up from there is my Map & Go Matrix, which is a paid product but this walks you through layers of building on your personal paradigm baseline which is like your special source, your you-ness, your uniqueness; all the stuff you know, allthe stuff you can add into the conversation, and we add to that with,”Okay, where are your clients and what are they already asking for?”

Let’s use that information.

Let’s kind of build on that with those triggers and stories, and news trends, and let’s layer it up again with some formats, and framework.

Once you’ve got those things in place, you’ll feel so much more confident.


You’ve got the free option there with the 10 x 10 creation hacks or the Map & Go Matrix which builds on that, which is a $49 product.

I will leave the link for that below as well.  If you sign up for my stuff you’ll get free tips all the time anyway so it’s all good stuff.

Start from where you are.

We know that when you stand in your power and you are super confident that you’ve got a whole load of ideas, it becomes easier to know what to say, and the draining part of it becomes- and I’m sure you guys will resonate with this when you’re like, “Right, I’m going to create a post for my business. Should it be in long form, should it be evergreen, should it be like a mammoth. ‘Ultimate Guide To…’, should it be like a lifestyle blog thing, should it be mainly images, how many images should it have, how many words should it have?” –  and the list goes on until you end up going to make yourself a coffee and forgetting the whole thing.


I’m sure you’ve been there. I know that I have, and what I want to reassure you with is that it’s okay to start from where you are.


It’s okay to not be the expert on SEO, on blogging, on vlogging, on all that stuff.

You’re the expert in your stuff, okay, and just start getting your message out into the world will really help to build your confidence.

You don’t have to have every post to be absolutely perfect, straight from the gate.

Honestly, what I really encourage you to know and to really feel into, is that:

It’s okay to start from right where you are.


Work in a way that feels natural to you

Maybe you know that vlogging is your real strength, that you can sit and talk to a camera for ages, then roll with that and start from that place.

Maybe you are absolutely fine sitting down with a microphone and just jamming out some ideas, you can start with that.

Maybe you like to work in small chunks and sort of sit down, and write stuff, and come back to it, and really focus in small chunks, you can start there.


Working in a way that works really well for you and for your strengths, and your skills, armed with the knowledge of all the stuff that you have to say really helps make that switch of mindset.


Remember importance and role of content to stay focussed

Also, don’t forget guys, content creation is so important for your business.

It shows behind the scenes of who you are, it lets us connect with you either before we buy or sign up for your stuff.


We can have a flavuor of you and your brand, and your work.


Your content is out there working for you 24/7.


It is absolutely gold dust and not starting to put your message out to the world is holding you back.


I want to hold your hand and help you with the first baby steps, or if you are ready to start to outsource then there’s ways to build that into your workflow because hey, we don’ have to be brilliant at everything.

You could outsource your ideas, you could outsource the writing, you could outsource the imagery, you could outsource all sorts of things but knowing which bits you need to outsource as well is part of the mix.

Do leave me a little comment just down below and let me know what it is you’re really struggling with, I would love to hear.




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