Small Business PR Tips: 3 Profile Boosting Hacks for Entrepreneurs

kerri walker small business pr tips

Small business PR tips: 3 profile boosting hacks for entrepreneurs

As a micro business we often believe we don’t have anything interesting to share with the world and can lack confidence to put ourselves out there.

When we use advertising to promote our business, we pay people to say how awesome we are.

With PR, other people say how awesome you are.

PR for the small business owner becomes WAY more effective than advertising and a tool we should explore.

Of all the small business PR tips, the first one is this: you don’t have to be an extrovert for the media to want to talk to you.

The media will want to talk to you regardless of how much money you make or the fact you’ve never been featured anywhere before.

Simply know your stuff (which you do) and be fabulous (which you are).

With only a little thought entrepreneurs can raise their business profile and get media attention by following just a few super easy strategies.

There are many ways you can get into the media depending on your business but here are 3 to get you started.

Get yourself published

You can easily pay thousands for an advert in a magazine. You could also provide a “how to”article to the editor showcasing your knowledge on your specialist subject… for free.

Other than your time, PR often comes at no cost.

Having an article published in a magazine is an easy (and fast) way to boost your profile and add to those credentials.

It starts showing you as an expert because potential clients and online followers will see that the media validates what you are saying, therefor giving you a few cool points.

Start off by creating a wish list of publications you’d love to feature in (it’s a wish list so dream as big as you want, anything goes), then do some research to see who would be the right fit and who matches your business goals and ethos.

Once you’ve done your research, be brave and just put yourself out there.

Contact editors, editorial teams or features teams, whoever is the contact at the publication that you need to talk to. Often these details will be readily available on their website.

If you have a really good topic you can often get a yes from an editor before you’ve even written the article too.

Here’s a checklist when thinking about getting your article published in a magazine;

  • Create a wish list
  • Do your research
  • Create ace article topics or titles
  • Pitch your ideas to a magazine… put on your big girl pants and do it (boy pants also work)
  • Write a fabulous article giving away some of the awesome in your brain
  • Keep an eye out for emails from the magazines you contacted
  • Do a happy dance and shout about being published to the world

Create a press page

Putting together a press or media page for your website makes it easier for journalists and editors to know right away if you are the right person for them to speak to.

Creating this once will save you time in the long run as you won’t have to keep re writing the same information when people enquire.

A press page is information you already have or know about your business and should include;

  • Company background describing where in the world you are, your products or services and what industry you are in
  • Your biography and if you are interested in writing articles, guest blogs or open to speaking opportunities then state what topics you can write or speak about
  • Any recent press coverage you have had or awards you have won or been runner up for
  • It often helps to add that you are ‘PR friendly’ or open to being contacted so people know it will be welcomed when they email you
  • Contact details for the business and if you have a team of people, list the key contact names and how to get in touch with them

Upload this onto your website, ideally in a page on its own, perhaps with a link to it in your ‘about me’ page or add it to the website’s main menu.

Just make it easy for a journalist or editors to find.

If they get bored looking for it, they will give up and you’ll potentially miss out on an opportunity.

Host a super cool online event

Making the choice to not host events in person has gone from ‘because I can’t afford it’ now to ‘because actually this will do so much more for me right now’.

You can get so much exposure and new business now from hosting your own online event at home from your laptop… and you can keep your pyjama bottoms on underneath your desk (it’s ok, we’ve all done it).

Here’s a few ideas of online events you could host to attract new eyes on your business;

  • Organise a Blab and interview some of your colleagues or business pals
  • Jump on Periscope or Facebook Live and host a 5-day series Monday to Friday talking about a different topic each day with Friday being an open ‘ask my anything’ Q&
  • Host a sales-pitch- free webinar giving away the awesome in your brain. Get people to pre-register and offer loyal fans a link to the replay but only for 24-48 hours to create the ‘oh my gosh I must watch this now’ mentality
  • Create buzz around your event and schedule some social media posts and newsletter around when you’re planning the schedule, reminders a few days before and on the day itself. Ask people you collaborate with to promote it to their audience too.
  • Remember that with online events like this there are SO many opportunities to repurpose the content. If you host a Blab, add the replay to your newsletter and the fun parts of the discussion with the video into a blog post. If you do a Periscope series then put all the videos with accompanying links and notes into one or even five blog posts onyour website or create an optin from them.

If you host a webinar, note down all the juicy Q&A’s at the end and make each into a future blog post or break them down into a 3-part blog series.

However you decide to promote yourself as an entrepreneur be sure to shout about it… everywhere.

No one will hear if you whisper!

Kerri Walker is one of the resident experts bringing her amazing small business PR tips and skills to the Killer Content Academy members programme. 

I’m Kerri Walker, a PR Consultant and Coach originally from the gorgeous New Forest now based in Kent, UK. I sprinkle a little PR and marketing magic onto any business looking at raising their profile in the media. I also coach business owners and in-house teams to do their own PR like a pro.I can find a newsworthy story the media will crave in any business owner and any company.

Day-to- day you can find me in my home office sourcing juicy media coverage opportunities for clients, hosting coaching calls, writing articles or picnicking at the beach with my son.


kerri walker small business pr tips



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