The Guest Post Guidebook: Resources + Tips To Guest Post Like A Pro

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Getting started with a guest post can feel like trying to plot your way across an epic road trip with no GPS, no clear end destination, and no Kerouac on loop.

Sad times.

When you are starting out in business, guest posting can be a great tool to find new peeps and to test your message.

When you are more established, a guest post can provide authority, influence by association, and those “as seen in” logos that grant VIP access.

So, how to get started with your guest post mission?

This guest post guidebook has you covered, with tips, scripts, resources and an epic compilation of knowledge from the best minds around the interwebz.


Hold tight, you will be back in your Cadillac and ready to roll before you know it.


#1: Benefits Of A Guest Post (aka: stop throwing spaghetti at a wall)


Get clear on why guesting can help your business with these 10 points

How to build your business with guest blogging and clear on your aim for it.

A guest post can evolve into much more and test the market for a product.

Leveraging the audience of other people in other creative ways



#2: How To Pitch A Guest Post (minus the sleaze factor)

guest post

How to perfectly pitch a post

A killer swipe file for guest post pitches they can’t ignore

How to pitch to 104 publications

How to guest post on Forbes and the big guys

11 bloggers spill the beans on their best pitches


#3: How To Re-Purpose A Guest Post (make your content work harder for you)




The ultimate guide from the guys at Buffer

How to put your best guest posts back in the spotlight

How to re-invent and re-air your guest posts

Re-purpose guest posts for increased traffic

9 ways to turn old blog posts into new content ideas


#4: How To Find Out Where To Post (+ stop procrastinating)


A guide to using guest blogging communities and apps to find places to post

Great list of business and marketing sites that accept guest posts

List of blogs that accept guest posts by category

Cheat sheet to find great places to post 


#5: How To Use A Guest Post For Audience Building


Tips on growing your audience

How to build your brand and traffic with guest posting

How to reach 1 million people with guest posting

Lessons from an expert on how blogging and guest blogging can make your brand more visible



#6: How To Generate Ideas For Guest Posts


The 10 x 10 idea generation hack

Map & Go Matrix

Answer questions and know what your audience need