How To Use Trello To Automate And Plan Your Killer Content

killer content trello

Trello is a key component of my content creation process.

Either as part of creating a bespoke workflow for my clients, or when taking part in the editorial board or larger publications, it’s all about Trello.

Trello is key for managing all sorts of tasks around content creation –  from webinars to eBooks and opt-ins to content upgrades, visual social media and blog posts –  everything gets tracked, completed, proofed and published all right within Trello itself.
Of course,  there are many apps and hacks and tricks out there to manage a content process, but since Trello is the one that myself and my team use every single day, it’s one that I want to share with you guys to enable you to become familiar with some of its amazing capabilities and ways of working.


killer content trello

Getting Set Up

Trello is a free app, and it’s super simple to set up.

You can access it via your web browser, via iOS or Android, and it’s portable for wherever you are working.

Follow some simple steps to get started with your very first Trello board if you are not already accustomed to the platform (Social Media Examiner has some great steps that will get you started.)

One of the reasons why I happen to love it so much is that Trello combines a really easy Kanban method of working with a visually strong user interface which allows you to easily create and produce tasks that drag and drop across different boards and lists.  


killer content trello

(access this Trello board and the checklists I use by grabbing the free ebook download on with the form below).

With the brilliant addition of being able to add visuals, stickers, comments and a whole host of other “power ups” to your lists, boards and cards, it’s a really powerful workflow tool that will enable your killer content creation process to be all the more awesome.


killer content trello


Whilst it can be great to have an Evernote file or a notebook full of mind maps and content creation ideas, I totally recommend having a particular list on your Trello board in which all of your incoming ideas for content creation are placed.

These can vary from things you’ve asked recently by your clients to incoming industry trends and discussion pieces, to client questions and insights which have sparked some content creation ideas.

You could also use the Map and Go Matrix,  or my simple 10 x 10 content creation hack to generate tons of ideas which you can add to this pot.

Once you have selected some ideas to refine for your content process, you can then create a workflow that works for you.

Trello is a really simple way to do this.

You can access your board and sync it with your calendar and other apps to make sure that you are on track.

You can also share your board and your lists with your co-workers and your team( if you have one), to outsource any of the elements that you need to, and you can set dates from within the cards themselves to stay on track.

killer content trello

Collate your research and insights in one place.

When working on a piece of content, it’s really useful to have external data, comments, insights, and references to add to the context of your piece.

By keeping them all together on one card, you can make sure that you present a really cohesive piece of content for your audience and future clients.

Whether you are crowd-sourcing information, gathering links or data to other reports, blogs and websites, or simply making sure that you link to relevant sources, keeping everything together in the comments section of a card can make sure that you are able to refer back to them when you are drafting your piece.

You can also keep the draft of your post (whether it’s created in Evernote or Google Docs), in the comments section of your card.

This way everything is in one place for your own sanity,  and to enable an outsourcing process to be super easy!

Organise your content to save time and deliver better results.

Using the color coded system and categories on Trello can make it really easy to see and double check the scope of your content diversity, and to see exactly how your content plan is looking in a visual way.

For example, you can assign different categories a different color so that you can visually, at a glance, see which topics are being covered on your website, podcast, video channel, or live streaming sessions.

This insight will allow you to move around topics and dates as you see fit, to make sure that you are covering all the bases that you want to.


(Image via Linked In)

Re-Purposing Content

When re-purposing content, which here on Killer Content Academy we are huge fans of, setting up a Trello system for this is a fantastic way to keep track of all the elements.

For example, we re-purpose blog posts onto other social media profiles as audio, video, trainings, slide decks, and visual social media, and much, much more.

By keeping all the checklists and deadlines in one place it’s easy to take stock and keep track of who’s looking after which part of the process, and where we are in the timeline.

(more in-depth training is in the members section of Killer Content Academy)


killer content trello

Integrate to Work Smart

Trello is also an amazing app in that you can get also get super smart with other integrations. Trello links up really well via Zapier and to other apps such as Google Drive, Evernote, Slack, Asana, and all sorts of really commonly used apps, so that you can set up automated tasks.


Automate yourself into a content workflow nerd heaven with some of these example “recipes”:

IFTTT Recipe: Automatically add an event to Google Calendar when you create a new Trello card connects trello to google-calendar

IFTTT Recipe: Siri to Trello connects ios-reminders to trello

IFTTT Recipe: Add photos directly to Trello connects do-camera to trello

IFTTT Recipe: Automatically share completed Trello tasks to a Slack channel connects trello to slack

 Have you tried Trello for productivity? Let me know if you will be organising your killer content using any of the tips here.

Jo xox

Download an ebook with this post, links to the Trello board template I use, and the Facebook Live video bonus links using the form below.


For more training on Trello and your complete Killer Content workflow, check out the Academy here.


3 Untapped Sources Of Killer Content Ideas

OVERCOMING MINDSET BLOCKSWITH CONTENT CREATION (2)To be frank, creating content for your business can feel like a never ending shitstorm.

It’s not one of those jobs that’s done when it’s done.
We have to keep coming up with MORE ideas, MORE updates, MORE creative ways to communicate, MORE excitement…


But sometimes that idea machine stops whirring (even for the butterfly brains like me).

I have a totally foolproof strategy for dealing with that though.


First step, cup of tea. I’m English. I embrace the stereotype.


Second, I pull out my trustier-than-supersized-control-pants bag of tricks, also known as a bumper list of places to find unparalleled content inspiration (but that’s just a mouthful).


Today I thought I’d share a handful of those sources of killer content (and trust me, there’s no way you’ll leave empty handed):

Follow the editorial example.

Nobody does titles better than the original “content on command” publications – glossy magazines.


Flick through one of the magazines in your recycling bin and make a note of the titles that catch your eye.


(Remember, the topic doesn’t have to be relevant, but which titles make you want to stop and read? Write ‘em down.)


Now think about the topics you focus on, and how you can tweak those titles to suit them.

So (in true “here’s one I made earlier” fashion) if I page through that old Cosmo sitting beneath my sofa, I might pick:


Would it kill us to be nicer to each other?

And turn it into… Would it kill us to share more content for free?


The cheat sheet: what to watch read listen to this month

And turn it into… The cheat sheet: 10 yoga poses for a healthier, happier you.


The secrets of staying in love

And turn it into… 5 secret swaps for vegan baking


The 20 smart decisions you’ll never regret

And turn it into… 20 brilliant biz books you’ll regret not reading sooner


Pro tip: Use these as templates to create your own scripts and add them to your swipe file for next time you’re feeling stuck.


Get in those groups

Dip into a handful of your favourite Facebook groups (the ones where your target audience might be hanging out).


Type your niche topics into the search bar and hit enter – you’ll end up with a feed filled with relevant discussions.


Jot down any issues or questions that you could respond to, and add them to your idea bank. Remember, it doesn’t matter how old the threads are – that topic will still be of interest to someone somewhere.


Pro tip: Copy and paste the responses to each question into a Google doc. Knowing what advice is already being shared will help you figure out both what’s missing, and how you can add your own flavour to the topic.


I know what you’re all thinking. There are NO IDEAS in Facebook groups. Well to prove you wrong, I’ve just hit up three groups I love and search for Instagram – here’s what I found:


  • I manage more than one Instagram account (mainly from my phone) and am looking for advice about apps that might help me with this. Specifically, I’m looking for an app that monitors the comments you receive and notifies you.
  • What Instagram apps do you love for writing on and pimping your images?
  • I want to up my game on Instagram, but I don’t know what content would relate to my writing business (it’s not really a visual biz!)
  • Are there any free tools I could use to schedule content on Instagram?
  • I want to start an Instagram account for my business but the username I want is already taken, but there hasn’t been any activity in over a year. What would be your plan of action?
  • What do I do about people using my photo and name on Instagram? I’ve found three different accounts with my name and photo!
  • Should I watermark my Instagram shots?
  • Do you schedule Instagram content weekly or for the whole month?
  • If you create graphics on your computer, how do you upload them to Instagram?
  • Any tips for creating better Instagram photos when the lighting is poor?
  • How do you respond to Instagram comments that are a single emoji?
  • Are there any tools for tracking your Instagram statistics?


Seriously. That’s content GOLD right there.


(for more on how to find what your customers are already asking, check out the Map & Go Matrix)

Evernote Evergreen

If you’re a shameless Evernote evangelist like me (and our fabulous Jo), you will have SO MUCH STUFF stored in there. I’m sure some of it will be beautifully filed away, but some of it won’t be.


Pro tip – Install the Evernote Web Clipper to easily swipe any online content that inspires you.


I have masses of random things stashed away that I’ve forgotten all about. Dig through your notebooks and see what you come back with.


Here are some of mine:


Yes, I also had a ton of shopping lists, creative projects I wanted to try and fun stuff to read… but amongst that?

Some seriously killer content.

Do you see how with minimal effort you can come up with so many ideas from stuff that’s already out there?

It’s not about recreating EVERYTHING from scratch, it’s about putting your creative spin on ideas that have already been planted.
This post is by the amazing Daire Paddy.
Daire Paddy is a word-weaving maniac with paint under her nails and a penchant for peanut butter. When she’s not creating amazing online content you can find her jamming with the rest of Team Diva, or over on her site.

Getting Over The Fear Of Perfection In Your Content Creation

Fear is such a massive stumbling block when it comes to content creation, not least because we worry about everything being PERFECT.

Your audience and client need you to start showing up and sharing your message as you are, and you can build on that.

Aim for reflection, not perfection.

Great Content Idea Ignition Shortcuts

great content

Stuck for ideas for great content? We have all been there.

Despite your best efforts to find your flow, get into the zone and produce great content, some days it’s just not happening.

Never fear, help is at hand.



Here are 5 ways to ignite your ideas, kickstart your storytelling, and get your killer content creation back on track:


1. Use prompts.

Sometimes all you need is a prompt to re-start the grey matter:

I have SO many great tips on how to___________________.

I have THE funniest story about that one time I ___________________.

I know a TON about ___________________.

I really want to be known as an expert on ___________________.

I really want to be known as someone with a fresh twist on ___________________.

(these are by the amazing Alexandra Franzen – make sure you bookmark + Evernote this page for future ref.)


2. Get random

Random word association is a tool I often use in creative thinking and brainstorming.

This random word generator can get you started.

For example, “ignition” came up for me which sparked this post idea.


3. Give an A to a Q

What was the last question someone asked you?

Can you answer it in a piece of content that adds value?


4. Use your own story and evoke a feeling

Storytelling is so powerful in content creation because it evokes a feeling and emotional response.

Consider points in your personal life and career that have been significant for you. How did you feel? Can you bring back that feeling again? What were you doing?

What were you wearing?

What sights, sounds and smells were there?

What did you learn from that experience, and what can you tell us about it?


5. Pastiche

A far cry from plagiarism, a pastiche post or piece of work  takes inspiration from the work of others.

In the same way that you might learn about how the masters created artwork by layering the colours yourself and following suit, pastiche content creation.

Great content starts with an idea.


Meta breakdown: This post is a really short, scannable blog post that ignites ideas and is easy to digest, refer to, and take action with. What could you produce that is a set of action taking ideas?


map and go matrix