How To Swipe A Great Format For Your Content

swipe content

Way back in 2007 when Facebook was a baby (and I had less wrinkles), I was writing for Daily Candy, among other lovely folks like Last, Easyjet, London Le Cool and eBay.

The great thing with Daily Candy was that the format was super short, punchy, and fun, with a new tip every single day.

Something really cool and interesting hit the inboxes of subscribers every day, and they came to expect it, look out for it, and try out the new suggestions.

The (now massively famous) lovely Mastin Kipp used the model as a starting point for his site The Daily Love, which is now at global take-over status.


You don’t need to re-invent the wheel.


Using a pastiche as a kick of point for a post or format can be a great way to test out ways of creating content.

Direct copying is a no-no, of course.
Plagiarism is, too.

But you could “do a Mastin” and try out a format swiped from someone else.

Work out what resonates with you as the content creator, and what hits a home goal with your audience.

Tell me what ideas came up for you from this.
You can also tell me how wrinkle free I am. I won’t mind.



The 10 x 10 Super Quick Content Ideas Hack

ideas hack

Getting the ball rolling with content ideas can feel really overwhelming sometimes.

I know you guys feel the same.

From the messages, emails and updates I get, I see the content paralysis kick in and it gets harder and harder to re-start the flow, despite our best intentions.


I have a really quick method that will get you quick results for content ideas in no time at all.


It’s part of a larger toolkit and framework that I use, and I love sharing this one as the light bulb moments happen really quickly (and who doesn’t love lightbulbs?!).


The 10 x 10 super quick content ideas hack

To kick things off, I want you to grab a fresh notebook, or page in Evernote, and jot down under each heading 10 of the following headings. It should take you around 15 minutes for this part, so brew up a coffee and make some time.

  1. 10 things you have worked on recently.
  2. 10 stories in the media, or in your industry news. 
  3. 10 things you only just learned to do (or are learning).
  4. 10 things you have improved at in the last 5 years.
  5. 10 testimonials you had in the last year.
  6. 10 things that are unique to you and your experience.
  7. 10 things that your clients need help with.
  8. 10 things that people ask you all the time.
  9. 10 things you are incredibly passionate about,
    and could talk about for ages.
  10. 10 things that you do in your working day as a habit.

(tip: if you can’t think of 10 of each don’t worry, just make a start and do what you can).

Now, the fun begins.

Let’s take each of the sections, and start to play them off against each other.

For example: 

Things you have worked on versus things you are learning
What take away can you share with your audience? Do you have any before and after stories?

Or we could try:

Stories on the media versus things your clients need help with.

What is happening now that you could hook a story onto with your personal expertise? Do you have an opinion on a news item or trend that you can comment on?

Spend 10 minutes jotting down some possible combinations.

Stop when the brain freeze kicks in – we aren’t about overwhelm here, just the opposite, in fact.

Ok, well done.

Hit reply and let me know how the brainstorm goes and what lighbulb moments you had.

Or, tweet @killercontentAC with your results (extra points for screen shots of lists).


Don’t worry about formats, word counts, styles posts or any of that stuff yet.

This is just to show you that we can overcome the rabbit in headlights idea overwhelm.


Grab yourself a PDF of this quick cheatsheet right here.