The Ultimate Guide to Free Content Creation Tools



Sick of shelling out the $£€ on the latest software, templates and fancy, schmancy apps?

Get started for free, with this guide for small businesses on a mission to create great content without remortgaging your house or sacrificing your yearly trip to Bali. (Ahem. Brighton.)

Content is the magnet that attracts clients to your business and creating that content is your opportunity to showcase your expertise, your authority and your personality.

But the playing field of content creation can seem scary and overwhelming – after all, there seems to be a new piece of advice, new app, platform or “guru” every day… and a whole load of expensive tools to boot.

I’m here to simplify the art of content creation, and help you overcome that overwhelm.

You don’t need a team of 12, an MBA, or to be pulling all-nighters on a double espresso drip to create content that makes people fall in love with you.

You can get your message across with FREE tools and your own rules, pinky promise.


Let’s do this.

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The Ultimate Guide to Free Content Creation Tools

From coming up with the big ideas, to researching those bad boys and getting the work done, no matter the format, this guide has all the tools you need to create killer content for free.


The ultimate guide to free content creation tools:

  • Generate content ideas with ease
  • Map it all out
  • Smart research for content creation
  • Killing it with written content
  • Amping up your visuals
  • Awesome audio + getting visible with video

content creation tools

Chapter 1: Generate Content Ideas With Ease

Nailing what you actually want to say is half the problem – and you don’t need million pound masterminds or a full-sized reference library on hand to come up with genius ideas.

You’ll learn how to generate ideas for your content quickly and easily – whether you’re feeling inspired or not.

The 10 x 10 super quick content ideas hack

3 cool new keyword tools for generating content ideas

3 untapped sources of killer content ideas

Trigger a month’s worth of content ideas with these questions

38 tools for getting more ideas

Blog post generation any business can use

Still don’t know what to blog about? Try the Blog Topic Generator


content creation tools

Chapter 2: Plan It All Out

Mapping out your ideas visually is a fantastic way to get organised, stay focused and share consistent content that keeps your readers coming back for more.

Figure out what kind of content plan works for you and take it away!

Planning your content can help you get more done

Create a content management process with Trello

Use Evernote to boost your efficiency

15 life-changing editorial calendar tools



Chapter 3: Smart Research For Content Creation

I’m all about working smarter, and there’s no point starting from scratch if there’s material out there that can complement your content.
Plus, linking to helpful resources establishes you as a source of knowledge and value, which is exactly how you want to be seen.


This marketing research process will take your content to the next level

Curate content with IFTTT, Pocket and Buffer

Use to quickly collate resources on the topic of your choice

Find quick, easy content inspiration with this tool

Figure out what’s popular in your niche with Alltop

Content curation tools: the ultimate list



Chapter 4: Killing It With Written Content

The “writing” part is often what scares entrepreneurs with a lot on their plates. It feels like it needs some kind of magical gift, and all the spare hours in the world to get it right… but it really doesn’t.

Take a look at these free tools that will take all the terror, turmoil and time out of writing brilliant blog posts.

Draft and store written documents for free on Google Drive

Make your writing bold and clear with Hemingway

Use the Grammarly plug-in to check spelling and grammar on any app

Automatically publish blog posts by updating your Trello board



Chapter 5: Amping Up Your Visuals

Your content needs to look awesome to get noticed and shared – it’s a super effective way to capture your audience’s attention.

You’ll learn how to harness free tools to create content that gets you shared, pinned and re-grammed far and wide.

The definitive guide to visual content for solopreneurs

The ultimate guide to free (almost free) images for your website

10 ways to use charts to tell better stories

Use real life examples in your visuals with Awesome Screenshot

Infographics: an essential tool in your link-building arsenal

Save countless hours with these free infographic templates

Get your design on with Canva



Chapter 6: Awesome Audio + Getting Visible With Video

Right now podcasts, live video streams and webinars are BIG.
Audiences are consuming content on all kinds of platforms, and you have so many opportunities to share your message.

Learn about the amazing free tools you have at your disposal for creating audio and video content.

19+  free tools to start your podcast from scratch

Host your podcasts on Google Drive for free

Record screencasts and video for free with Quicktime 

Make videos in minutes with Adobe Spark

14 video tools for social media marketers

Do you have a favourite tool to add? Leave a comment below and the list will be continually updated.


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